About Us

HanCon Constructors is a construction and project management firm with a solid background in all types and sizes of commercial and residential build projects. Whether it’s a reno or new build, HanCon has the tools to complete your project on time, on budget and with the highest
quality control and safety standards.

HanCon has been involved in some of the largest construction projects in the Okanagan including the Out Back Project in Vernon on Okanagan Lake which is still the largest resort development in the Okanagan. We also specialize in smaller one on one jobs and believe that client satisfaction is the most important factor to running a successful construction company.

Safety on site and in our corporate structure is extremely important. We strive to keep our employees, sub contractors, clients and the general public safe at all times when in and around our sites. We believe safety has to be a core belief starting at the top of our company structure and weaved throughout all areas of our firm. All of our employees and management are responsible for the safety of everyone around them and we strive to continue training and finding safer and more productive ways of completing projects.