At HanCon we realize that the construction process begins long before the first shovel hits the ground. We are here to help you with land acquisition, zoning, permitting, planning, engineering, costing and tendering. Our experience and contacts will prove invaluable to you in
these early planning stages as well as freeing you up from having to deal with so many of these details when your valuable time could be spend more productively.

Once the construction begins we strive to keep the process moving quickly, efficiently, safely and with as little impact to the client as possible. We believe strongly that communication is the key to a successful build and is the one area that is often overlooked and the major cause of project failure.

We believe our continued success is rooted in relationships that will last far beyond the span of the most current project. We rely on repeat business and client satisfaction is our goal.
Regardless of size, we treat all projects and clients with the respect and attention they deserve.